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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
This statement shows you would be a terrible fit for an m3. Or any car for that matter. Next time you drive, drive in a sport fashion and tell me how much time the tach spends at 1200 RPM-4k RPM? Problem virtually zero. Once you nail the throttle and revs to 7k on an n55, it drops to 5k-5500rpms when it switches gears and when pushing the car, you never actually see the meet of the curve below 5k so it is quite pointless to have your peak power and torque there.

It is ok for part throttle lazy driving but that is it. If you are willing to push the pedal and flip a gear, than there is way more power on tap with the m3 if you keep the RPMs in the performance range which you should be doing if you are testing a car for how "fast" it feels
YOU seriously sound completely dumb by stating "I'm not a fit for any car". I bought what I wanted. For the money I spent on my f30 I could have picked up a no option e92 m3 but I chose not to. I'll wait for the f82. Please don't try to explain to me how to drive and where and what a power band is, I've owned a 720hp track car for 9 yrs. but thanks anyway.

You just need to get with the times and get over the fact that NA M3 days are a thing of the past. BMW is adapting and it's simple as that. I'm sure that BMW will put enough power on tap for the new m3/4 to satisfy even your silly self.
Some of the greatest track cars are turbo, evo, subi sti, Nissan gt-r.

If you're not interested in FI then pick up another e46 m3 a perhaps an e92 m3 and keep those for the rest of your days, maybe you can crown yourself the last na m3 purist.

Ok peace now Im not trying to argue with ya...
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