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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Wow you are sensitive. If the s65 is a thing of the past and it still puts down more power at every RPM point above 3k than your car than what does that make your brand new care if a thing of the past trumps it?

My point was unless you want an M3 for the looks or status only, there is no point in buying one and driving it under 3k rpms.

If you drive it in the appropriate gear which is keeping the revs above 5500-6000k and even more preferable is keeping it at 7k, which is 2nd gear until 55 and 3rd gear until 85 than you will see that it puts down WAY more WHEEL torque than a 335. This is such an old arguement and hardly is worth commenting on.

If you do not want to shift a 335 is a good fit. So yes a person LIKE you who drives at under 3k is not a good fit for an m3 because you will extract none of its power. An engine is only as good as its powerband. If you don't use hte powerband its a waste of using the engine
No not sensative, I think we're misinterpreting the writing to a point, it's like a text it's emotionless. I think this discussion has gotten way out of context. I don't mean to be offensive, just trying to understand where you're coming from.

I think we're still comparing apples to oranges here. Cent ever compare m3 to 335. M3 >335 in every aspect except mpg. It's a purpose built machine. Yes the old M still beats the 335. Even an e46 m3 would dominate an 335 stock vs stock. F30 335 is predominantly carry over power train from the e series, save the new 8 speed auto of course.

And I personally don't think you have to live at the track to enjoy an m3. Right now a 335i is what fits my needs and my lifestyle and it's what I chose. It has to accommodate me as a dd. I never bought it for any other reason. It definetly gets run hard at times and sees above 3,000rpm .

I'd love to own an m3 but I just got rid of a race car that I don't have time for anymore. I do see one in the future for me however, and if I had to choose one I would go with an e46. Just loved the way it felt over an e92. But that's me.

For what the 335i is, it hasn't disappointed. It's just an overall awesome car.
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