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F8X to remain M3

So I was at the Welt earlier today on my trip in Munich and I was talking with some sort of SA (not exactly sure what his job description was). Anyways we began talking about the future of BMW and the future 4 series coupe and convertible. He said it has been finalized and confirmed that it was in fact going to be called the 4 series. So i said, will the coupe and covertible be M4 then? He said "Nope. The M3 name is a symbol and they aren't going to get rid of it." Furthermore i said, "well how can they have the base model as the 4 series and the M series still be an M3?" His reply was that they're different cars, even with different chasis numbers and only share the body shell basically. I'm not sure what to make of it because he was an SA, but on the other hand i feel that at the Welt they have access to more up to date information.

Other than that I have to admit i was expecting more out of the Welt. It was in the middle of some renovations for the new Rolls-Royce area and the new Mini area. They had a Ghost on display but it was roped off. The museum on the other hand i was blown away by. As we were leaving though i did see a frozen black M5 and that thing was soooo sexy! I wish i couldve gotten a pic but my camera had died just before the last exhibit of the museum (very upset). Pictures of the frozen colours really don't do them justice, they look really good in person.

Anyways, just wanted to share the info I'd discovered this morning.