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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post

BUT Dr.Nitschke stated in an interview (with bimmerpost I think?) that all single number M-models would have the same number following the M as the models their bodystyle is coming from.

So F82 = 4er Coupe based = M4

Nothing else is making really sense if they wants to sell the 4er as an "more premium" car. And for the Iconic/myth M3 they bring the F80M3.
Good memory. You're referring to this interview with Dr. Nitschke, where we asked and he answered:

Q: Any consideration of renaming the M3 coupe and convertible to M4?

A: Speaking of M model names, it's pretty easy - we have two variants: those having the M in front / series number in the back (i.e. M3, M5, M6) and second way is like the X models (i.e. X5M, X6M, Z4M) where the M is at the back. If there would be a 9 series and if M would do it, we would call it an M9 I guess. [We then asked whether the M models with the # at the end will always reflect the underlying car on which it's developed, and they confirmed. Presumably then, if the F32 coupe is named a "4 Series Coupe", the M variant of it will be called the "M4 Coupe." Ultimately the decision comes down to BMW's board of management though, which can of course always decide to break with any of these conventions.]
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