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Originally Posted by DDS2015 View Post
He said "Nope. The M3 name is a symbol and they aren't going to get rid of it."
Giving the individual the benefit of the doubt as far as the legitimacy of his knowlegde and claims for a moment, let me just point out that, since the time we've been aware that a 3-Series-sedan-based M would be in the offing for this generation, there was never any risk of the above happening anyway.

That is to say that just because the M3 name will remain does not mean that the M4 will not also join the lineup. In point of fact, as momentum builds and insiders more readily use this rumored new naming system, things appear to be headed in exactly that direction. And for another thing, we are going to get an M4 come hell or high water anyway because there is absolutely no chance (well, not on my probability meter anyway) that a F3x Gran Coupe is going to be called a 3, nor will its M counterpart be called an M3. Those will be 4 and M4 - bank on it. So then, why would we confuse the matter by stuffing the coupe into the 3/M3 brand when the 4/M4 sits there ready for new product? It really would be a big surprise (and by my thinking, a big mess frankly) if it goes down any other way. That's my 2 cents.

Oh and thank you Uli for reminding us of those particular facts as well.
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