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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
No. The only thing I got to know 1-2 years ago is that the M3 F80 would be lighter than the M3 E46. I don't think by that much, that is why I speculate at these approximate numbers :

M3 E9X : 1650 kg (EU)
M3 E46 : 1570 kg (EU)
M3 F80 : 1550 kg (EU)
About the weight ... all infos I get, is that it would be lighter than the F30 335i and the number was < 1450kg (nothing about if this meen EU, DIN or empty weight) ... because of SGL Carbon all think that this weight reduction was made by useing carbon body parts together re-inforced steal ... but as Scott26 quotes the real new thing is that the F8x chassis was made complety from aluminium instead of useing steel as by the F3x ... so with an chassis made from light aluminium together with parts made from industrial carbon and body panels made either from aluminium and plastic ... the under 1450kg numbers seems not impossible(!) ... but also Scott26 says that only the F82 roof was made from carbon ... I think thats also right, but I never thought that outer body panels would be made of carbon ... my infos speaks about some inner body parts.