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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I'm not following the base car closely enough but isn't it mature enough that we know what it is built from? I highly doubt there will be a different chassis between the base and M car. That is simply unaffordable
Scott26 quotes this ... and the full aluminium chassis is probably one reason for the internal renaming into F8x for these chassis.

Affordable? Okay, probably not so much - on the first view! BUT the M3/M4 is an High-Price and Low-Production car = the best solution to test production processes for new materials before entering mass production ... and this is the main reason why BMW officials say that "...they would surprice us with this car"
I think the weight would be the real surprice with the new M3/M4 ... an (much) lower weight means much better (lower) fuel consumption (real world!) also without engine changes!

Unaffordable? Maybe - on the first view ... but with the splitting into M3 and M4 cars, they could make the M3 easy more affordable by marketing the M4 as more premium and more costly, because it seems like many current M-drivers are "Coupe and nothing else"-Fanboys this strategy could works well ... and so the probably much higher price for the M4 (look at M5 vs. M6) could help to hold the M3 on an affordable price level.