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Originally Posted by Peteypab2133 View Post
Sold that car sir. I also have a 3 series, and a 2013 GT500.

I am about performance. Not sniffing my own farts

And if you look at my other threads, I was in the process of buying a 2011.5 m3 vert and after a few test drives realized it was only a few ticks faster than my E90.. Which is pretty slow. I wanted a big boy car with big boy power.

Oh and my evo only weighed in at 2990 with 1/4 tank of gas making 710 awhp.
I'm not against it. Just saying you are not the type of guy that would drive a Miata. The first M3 E30 was in some way a practical MX-5. Now the M3 is becoming a sort of GT-R, because that is what most want, including you yourself. I have nothing against it, but that was not the main pupose of the original M3. Times are changing, today most judge cars by their 1/4 mile times. The drivers cars, including the current M3 E92, are disappearing.