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Because massive torque is more fun than 8000 rpms, but hey that's just me.
Only non-M3 drivers approve a turbocharged laggy low revving M3.

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I don't know what people mean by "good bye 'proper' high reving m car" It's not like the redline on this thing is going to be 5500. If I recall correctly, the original M3 had a 7200 rpm redline. I doubt the new one will be much less than that. Probably will be quite close to it.
In the time of M3 E30, 7.200 RPM was high. Today any gazoline engine redlines at 7.000 RPM. So for a sportscar like M3, that costs 70.000 , it is low.

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If you had all the people bitching about "not high enough redlines" I am sure you could put black tape over the tach and they would never know the difference.
Sure we would get to know. We can clearly hear that and even feel that.

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My lowly yet very satisfying 330i doesn't rev much past 7000 rpm, but it is very entertaining and responsive.
It is not a question of redline, but of how power is delivered. The N52 is more fun than the N54 and the S54 is even better than the nice N52.

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people interested in cars that don't have a bmw logo on them? blasphemy!!
You havn't understood. I meant this:

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Why does everyone always act as if the cts-v is an alternative to the m3? The v is huge and is designed to compete against the m5. Had I decided not to get a m3, the v wouldn't have been an option.