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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Emissions are in any case the main reason why good engines and good cars are disappearing. If not the Honda K20 and BMW S54 would still be on the market, and the M3/M4 would have kept its S65.

I don't care about emissions, just don't cut down the forests, but the problem is that fuel price rises.
I wish that they continued development of the 2jzge---and that is the reason why I'm keeping my IS300. It was basically the last application of the engine, and the first gen IS.
It was probably easier to simply modify the VQ engine rathern then put further R&D into an engine for *one* low-production model (sound familiar?).

If the N55-->S55 is equivalent to VQ35-->VR38, I'll be ok with this.
I agree
And apparently, Nissan will be using Mercedes V6's as the Nissan's are notoriously rough runners