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To the OPP,

I spoke to BMW UK's Product Manager a few weeks ago and the engine configuration had not been released. Have you got any proof to back up your claim or is it just an educated guess?

Additionally I hope you are wrong on the steering being electric. BMW have never really understood how to make the hydraulic system have great feel like Lotus for example. And having tried the new electric steering on X3 and F28 it provides absolutely zero feel. The new M5 still uses hydraulic btw.

What is clear and has been for a number of years is that BMW M need to focus on removing the weight for improving driving dynamics, performance and lowering CO2 and not follow AMG down the ridiculous road of massive weight, huge power and a multitude of electronics to control it.

It seems that BMW M is finally learning. If it achieves a good weight reduction, coupled with good steering feel and real engine noise, it will be a winner. The new M5 has failed miserably on engine noise and sounds awful compared to the previous V10. Playing artificial sound through the speakers should not be entertained and goes against 'function over form' which used to be an M value.