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Originally Posted by sycd View Post
Sounds like complete crap, more like a fart can equipped civic.

They're still working on the mufflers, but I don't understand why anyone on this board would think this sounds even remotely decent, or would even think about comparing this to the current gen M3.

I guess they'll have to pipe more sound into the cabin, hey maybe by then they'll attach speakers to the mufflers to fake outside exhaust sound too!
I don't understand why anyone on this board would think it sounds like complete crap
Maybe you should consider a hearing aid?
If you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
The new M3/M4 will be a success, because most buyers will be the previous 335i owners. The current M3 owners will step over to Porsche, Mercedes AMG or Lexus.

The M3/M4 will be faster the the current one. More emotional ? No.
Yeah, break out your crystal ball and tell us what else will happen in the future, ye with little faith. I currently own an M3 and I'm looking forward to the next Gen.
Faster than the current one? Yes! Lighter, Yes!
Just because you live in a world of denial and assumption doesn't mean everyone else does

Originally Posted by Hoosiers View Post
I keep reading "But it'll be lighter, more powerful, and more efficient than the current M3."

So is the Corvette, 911, Mustang, etc. Everyone assumes that it is destined to be great, destroy competitors, and perpetuate its status as the benchmark. I thought that about the current M5 as well, but that fell quickly. MB and Audi are the better driver's car now?
And some people assume that it will not. This can be argued both ways. Don't kid yourself
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