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Originally Posted by amdmaxx View Post
Say hello to torque and lots of it, even at low RPMs.
Say hello to a more decent fuel range and mileage..
Sound of the engine - tbd.. and no fake speaker sound please..
When I was 19, for the most days of the week I worked 18 hours for a full year to get my first M3. Why an M3 and not a C32 AMG, S2000 or a 350Z? Because of it's racecar feel, it was just different than anything I had a taste of before. IMO, only non-M3 drivers will most likely approve a turbocharged low revving M3. I personally prefer the torque that I get at high RPMs rather than low range RPMs.

And I don't care about a better fuel range and mileage. Because I don't get this car to save some money on it's fuel economy. Otherwise I'd just get a Corolla or something.

But hey, I understand that each individual have different tastes and I will most likely get this new M4 for sure. Because it will still be better than most cars in it's class