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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
The Ferrari 458 Italia making 540 Nm from a NA 4.5l V8 with redline at 9.000 RPM is torqueless ?

Have you already tried a 2.0 TFSI ?

Right, you are not waiting very long, but it ends very early with redline at 4.000 RPM, like premature ejaculation. Diesel power !

A well engineered NA engine has a flater torque curve than any FI engine.

It's all about area under the curve, if you don't understand that you should go back to school. Power delivery is what's most important, this new M3 (like all M3's) will surely be an improvement over the previous model. BMW isn't gonna start sucking dick at making sports cars all of a sudden. If you want a high-revving motor with no torque go buy an S2000, which has been revving higher than M3's for the past 10 years

And before you state that "only M3 drivers know why high-revving motors is so important, hurr durr you have a 335i" I've driven every generation of M3 for many many hours each. It's FUN to rev high, but to me it's more FUN to go FASTER. Getting punched in the face by a wave of torque still gets your adrenaline pumping as much as a motor screaming past 8k RPM.

Also, think of the aftermarket. Look at the F10 M5, spend like a grand on a tune and you pick up tons more power. I'll be willing to bet that you can pick up at least 50rwhp/70rwtq from *just* a tune on this new M3/M4, something you can never get from an n/a car. No more having to spend $5k+ on an intake, exhaust, pulleys, cams, tune, or whatever else to pick up a measly 30rwhp.
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