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Luis Lahoz
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Let\'s talk about engines for a second...

Can someone please explain to me why BMW insists on the upgrade / rework of the E55 VERY OLD 3.0 engine instead of work on the new and lighter (at least this has been the speech so far...) 4.0 V8?????

Please do not say that the E55 has better mileage... It's a M3 not a 118...

The E46 3.2 M3 engine is by far more Efficient than the E55 3.0. Where is this engine???

Efficient dynamics??? Why don't use the Mini Cooper 1.6 engine with the 184HP in the 1series 118 and 120??? The 1series 2.0 engine really look INEFFICIENT with its 150HP output...

Just some thoughts...

I'm engineer, with a 2002 M3. I don't like the long and very, very heavy E92 M3. I don't like the idea of a turbo small size engine in the new M3/M4. Please forget a new reworked E55...

I do not like to by a Porsche with their fantastic 3.6 / 3.8 NO TURBO wonderful engines... If they improve weigh balance, BMW for sure will have problems.

LuĂ*s Lahoz.