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I don't know why there is such "racisme". There is not problem in prefering a FI engine, but why the f*** should all cars have FI engines ? There is the 335i and M340i for this. Why can't the M3 stay with a NA engine ? Today almost ALL cars have FI engines, and there is still not enough choice ? Nobody imposes NA engines on anyone, so why impose FI engines on us ?

The Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ is the only f***ing small sportscar with a NA engine, and even this one, according to most, must have an FI engine ?

Why then bring up moron proposals like buying a Honda S2000. Are there any new ones ? Maybe better you go and buy a Toyota Supra, with its 2JZ-GTE 3.0l I6 twin-sroll turbo. At least that is a good engine, unlike the N54/N55.