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Originally Posted by csween86 View Post
Stop whining and get over it! M cars and most bmws are going turbo as is pretty much every other auto manufacturer in the world. You can leave bmw for another manufacturer if you want, but they too will eventually leave their roots if they haven't already. The M brand is not selling out or throwing itself away, it will be around for a long time! Like it or not, the world is going "green" and "efficient." Adapt to the times like bmw is and have an open mind. Prove to the world it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks... Forced induction motors really aren't all that bad.

Having had a E46 M3 a E90 M3 V8, a N54 and two N55s.

Comparing a 458 to a M3 V8. Come on! Please.

I can do that too:

-Porsche 917K/Can Am
BMW Turbo '72/ 2002 Turbo 1973
-Porsche 956(fastest car ever on the Nordschleife)
-Porsche 959
-Ferrari 288GTO/M/F40
-Audi S1 Sportquattro/Pug 205 T16 E2 Gr B/ Lancia 037(supercharged)/Delta S4/RS200
-Ruf CTR


All cars from the past...still icons imo.

Nowadays turbo engines are much more suitable for DD. So is the N54/55 and the oncoming M3 vs the 'old' M3 V8 which is a noisy torqueless gasguzzler in the first place as a DD(been there done that for 2 years)