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Originally Posted by dmboone25 View Post
If BMW were to use the N55, I hope it is a helleva lot stronger than the one that I have in my 2011 135.
From the OP:

"The F80 M3 and F82 M4 will be powered by an inline 6 cylinder engine with multiple turbochargers, pushing the engine's output to approximately 450 horsepowers. The engine is now rumored to be an extensively reworked and reinforced N55 6-cylinder engine with a strengthened aluminium block with a heavily modified cylinder head. The Induction technology is said to be completely new as will be the latest bi-vanos variable valve timing."

So, this engine will quite probably only bare a passing resemblence to an N55. There seems to be a lot of anxiety with respect to statements made by insiders of a "massaged" or "tweaked" N55. But I think folks are reading too much into that language. The point being made with those statements, in my opinion, is that the N55 architecture will form the basis of the new engine much like the S54 was based off the M50 architecture. So its not going to be some minor overhaul. A 50% power increase from an OEM motor is not going to be a chip tune. I think this next M I6 will be serious business. It probably won't be a high revving engine per se, no, but I suspect we'll see the best effort yet from any manufacturer to mimic an N/A engine with flat torque curve and smooth power delivery. And if they go with an auxilliary electric turbo, perhaps they will find a way to eliminate lag too.
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