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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
You're being sarcastic, right? Cause our M3 has at least 3 Non functional features.
Fender vents, right hood intake and right bumper intake? That is all I can think of looking at my car. I guess you could argue that the quad exhaust is purely aesthetic as well.

I can give the fender vents a pass, it is a nod to the e46... and the other two are for balance so that's fine, just as long as one side or the other is functional. Not so sure I could give a purely aesthetic hood bulge a pass though. I know on the e9x the bulge is there to fit the V8 and have enough air to circulate around the engine - they mentioned it in a BMW documentary on how the engineers from M went to powers that be and told them there needed to be a bulge to get the engine to fit/work correctly, so they added a bulge. I guess we won't know for sure what the purpose of the f8x's bulge until we get a look under the hood.

Put me in the group that thinks M cars are supposed to be low key. Part of the reason I went with the sedan is that I want people just to see another 3 series w/ nice wheels. If I wanted something flashy I would have bought a Porsche.
"This is like having a house-cat thatís a bengal tiger." - Todd Deeken,, on owning an e90 m3.