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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
For the fart sounds coming out of the exhaust on the F80 M3, an MSRP of $56K is acceptable. Would you purchase the F80 M3 if it's MSRP started @ $60K?
Oh wow, I wasn't aware that you've had a personal up close encounter with an F80 M3 exhaust.

Sound isn't everything, and certainly doesn't justify price gains or drops. Turbo kits/plumbing cost money, and that's certainly going to add to the cost of the car, and all the bigger/stronger drivetrain parts to handle the extra power the car makes cost more too.

This car is going to make like 150lb-ft of torque more than the prior M3 and is going to be a lot faster. I'd pay more for speed in a heartbeat. Much moreso than sound.