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Originally Posted by verbs View Post
Oh wow, I wasn't aware that you've had a personal up close encounter with an F80 M3 exhaust.
I wish I had personal up close encounter with the F80 M3. Anyway, the V8 on the new M5 had the fart sounds. With that said, the F80 M3 may have it as well or may be even be a lot more silent. We won't really know until the F80 gets unveiled. I'm more of a guy who wants a nice sound coming out of a car out of the dealership and if the F80 M3 started at $60K, I don't want to spend anymore money to make the F80 sound better.

Originally Posted by verbs View Post
Sound isn't everything, and certainly doesn't justify price gains or drops. Turbo kits/plumbing cost money, and that's certainly going to add to the cost of the car, and all the bigger/stronger drivetrain parts to handle the extra power the car makes cost more too.
I know sound isn't everything, but I would really want the F80 M3 to at least sound good out of the dealership. The F80 M3 has big shoes to fill since the e90/e92/e93 M3 really has set a benchmark on how the next M3 should be made when it comes to performance/handling, etc.

Originally Posted by verbs View Post
I'd pay more for speed in a heartbeat. Much moreso than sound.
Who doesn't want speed? Speed is definitely a plus. No brainer there.

Since I have owned my e92 M3, sound has been pretty much a big factor for me.

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