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Originally Posted by NYe60chrisIU View Post
this looks excellent. but i cant help thinking that one reason why the front end looks so good is because the area between the grille and the headlight is camo'd up.
i went to take my car to the dealer for service and i saw the f30 3 series in the show room side by side next to the 2011 E92 3 series. the E92 is definitely nicer. the front end on the F30 is so ugly, i mean theres a good side to it and a bad side. the good side is that the shape of the headlights are aggressive but the gap is not necessary and very pointless. the hood shape is flat and has no depth to it. it doesnt look BMWish but everything from the driver door to the rear is perfectly fine and way nicer than the E90 sedan without a doubt. and im glad the F80 M3 wont have that rear bumper "smile" if you know what i mean. where the bumper swoops up towards the tail lights. it will be straight on the M3's as far as my eyes can see through the camo.