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Originally Posted by bimmerjph View Post
Doesn't matter if they are DRLs or not. If they are a distracting color they are illegal. A yellow like on the ALMS cars MIGHT be able to pass, but it would depend on the officer.
Thats amber not yellow. Look up the legality of colored halos. They are illegal.
It doesn't depend on the officer- it depends on the Federal laws and if the car comes from the factory meeting those laws no-one can ticket you as the car is factory legal, swapping out bulbs etc. is a different story and the halos are now the DRLs so they would only need to meet those regs (which I posted)

I'm pretty sure there is no law on the books for "halos". LEDs were technically illegal for DRLs up until a few years ago but the law was adapted, and "yellow" is legal according to MV laws,- purple is obviously not.