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Lightbulb Our BMW F80 M3 Preview Renders Based on Latest Spy Pics

Our BMW F80 M3 Preview Renders Based on Latest Spy Pics
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Updated With F80 M3 Renders in White: Many members asked for a preview of a white F80 M3, so that's what we've added below. We had a little bit of fun with black/dark wheels and a black roof, but it does not represent carbon fiber as we do not expect the F80 to be fitted with a carbon roof. We do expect the F82 M4 coupe to feature it, however.

If you've been tracking our homepage or this M3 section, you've surely seen the flurry of F80 M3 test mule sightings in the past week or so [spy pics].

Not only have the sightings become more frequent, but they've also been more revealing. With the latest rounds of spy photos, we now have a fairly good idea of what to expect from the 2014 M3 sedan's front end styling.

The F80 will feature a hood bump and a very aggressive front bumper/apron with a what looks to be a mix of elements from the M6 and 1M's styling - M6 style air vents with fins at the top and an upwardly angled top line, potentially paired with 1M styled air curtain vent styling and position.

We also added double-slat grilles and a M3 grille badge, both in the style of the 2013 M6. This is purely speculative, but we wouldn't be surprised to see these incorporated on the upcoming M3.

With these new revelations in mind, we've put together a set of renders previewing what the production F80 M3 may look like. Enjoy!

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** Click on images for larger versions **

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Compare to the recent spy photos:

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