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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Sorry, but that's not accurate at all.

The sedan will be introduced before the coupe. And we will not see the sedan hit the market until 2014. These are not just our own wild speculations, but based on info from our official sources, recently reconfirmed.
The only thing that may be different is if the car (M3 sedan) launches a bit earlier for the EU market (which would not have impact for Military as they are delayed US). The US with its June launch may be a few months later than EU...

I personally still think the car is well ahead for public development for a Spring 2014 launch, even with sources pointing to that date almost unanimously. Also, as we know from the E9X the coupe and sedan are not all that different even if this time the front fascias will be... development should not be all that long for the coupe considering all the development with the sedan.