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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
The wording of the article, and the probable reality is that there will simply no longer be a discount for a manual car, just as they've done with the F30. Raise the base price to include the automatic pricing, and offer a manual at no savings. Clever, really. Just more expensive for those of us in the minority who want all three pedals.
That is true but on the other hand the problem is that because there are less buyers the transmission is not cheaper than the DCT- less economies of scale to decrease price per unit and the cost of development not to mention the EPA testing costs make the price not as much as a discount as it could be.

I'll be the first to admit I always felt BMW jacked up the price of the autos to make more money on an option the vast majority of people would be buying and making the base model (manual) a bit less than it should be to get people in the door, but those days are long gone and the "Super Size" mentality is now in car land- package more and make it seem like a "value".

But in no way shape or form is the M3 ditching the manual- it will be a "no cost" option.

BTW- What German or American ever uses the term "Utter rubbish"? None I have ever met, that is a UK term and last I checked the UK didn't have any high ranking officials at M, but ....

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