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Cool Spy Video: More 2014 BMW M3 (F80) Look and Listen from Spain

Spy Video: More 2014 BMW M3 (F80) Live Look and Listen from Spain

The 2014 F80 M3 prototype continues hot climate testing in Spain and we continue getting more live looks and listen at the next generation M3 sedan.

Our new video provides a good listen at the M3 prototype accelerating from a stop, though it's obviously not a full out acceleration run. For full throttle acceleration at speed, see the previously posted M3 and M4 prototype videos from Nurburgring testing, copied below. We also hear the car's startup for the first time. One thing's for sure - there will be no lack of baritone and bass sounds coming from the F80's exhaust. Its hearty burble is heard throughout the clip. As with all prototypes, its sound is certainly subject to more tuning.

The F80's ride and suspension looks planted, with little body roll and suspension travel (check out how stiff the suspension appears when the car leaves the car wash).

To reiterate our oft repeated details on the upcoming F80 M3 / F82 M4:

The F80 M3 / F82 M4 will be powered by an inline 6 cylinder engine with multiple turbochargers, pushing approximately 450 horsepower. The engine has been rumored to be an extensively reworked and reinforced N55 6-cylinder engine with a strengthened aluminium block with a heavily modified cylinder head. The Induction technology is said to be completely new as will be the latest bi-vanos variable valve timing. But, we also think there may be a possibility that the engine turns out to be a reworked/enhanced version of a successor engine to the N55 (which has not yet been introduced). Both a DCT and manual transmission will be available and both have been spotted on the prototypes. The blue brakes resemble the new 3 Series' M Sport brakes, paired with steel cross drilled rotors.

For more M3/M4 coverage see:

The following is a summary what we know regarding the F80 M3 / F82 M4:
  • Lighter than current M3
  • Faster than current M3
  • More powerful than current M3
  • More efficient than current M3
  • Powered by an inline 6 cylinder turbo engine
  • Offered with optional or standard manual transmission
  • Electric Power Steering (completely reworked for precision for M3/M4)
  • M3 Introduced late 2013 - early 2014 (concept debuts earlier)
  • M4 Introduced no earlier than late 2014

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