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Originally Posted by IamLegend View Post
I always wondered if these so called spy videos bimmerpost post here are really spy videos (i.e. you guys got a team of people waiting by every M factory/testing center and follow any test mules around, similar to how paparazzi's follow celebrities) or obviously you guys have people from inside BMW working with you in terms of giving you tips OR better yet, you are working with BMW on an official capacity and they want you to promote their stuff here "unofficially".

I had to ask this after seeing the latest M3 video. At the beginning of the video there is a part where the M3 mule makes a U turn right where the camera guy is standing. It is so obvious that this is coordinated and the driver was doing this on purpose, which is perfectly fine, this is awesome stuff you guys all post here and we are all very fortunate to have a site like this, but I guess it would be nice to know "officially" this site's involvement with BMW. Being Americans here most of us love transparency

Please don't take this post the wrong way, I am not trying to be a smartass, just curious that's all.
This is what I answered earlier in the thread:

Originally Posted by Jason View Post
The F80 prototype has been running up and down that mountain in Spain for over two weeks now so our photographer knows intimately the test car's routes and locations.

I specifically asked the photographer about that turn the M3 made in front of him (looked fishy to me also) and he says that he had seen them turn at that junction many times before, so he waited there for a close up shot. Also added that if he had been hit with the car, he would have evidence on video for a legal action. I can assure you it's not an inside job.

Whether the BMW test drivers make themselves easily photographed for publicity, I don't know.
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