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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
You know, with an overall take rate of the M-DCT of some 70 percent you make more money with 70 percent paying the DCT premium than with 30 percent (MT buyers) not paying less.

Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
NO ... you misunderstood me ... I donīt says that the base price of the M3 / M4 than would be calculated without putting the M-DCT price ontop.

SO they would make more money because the few Cars without DCT wonīt be cheaper ... and all must pay the price of an car with M-DCT. Simple logic.
What you appear to be saying is to bump up the MSRP by adding M-DCT as standard feature and that way you make more money. However, I think MSRP is set/fixed by marketing, by factoring in cost, competition, etc. and so whatever MSRP they decide on, should be the optimum they think will maximize sales in that country and so you just can't bump up MSRP like that.

So, I agree with southlight that at whatever fixed MSRP that BMW decides on as the optimum, all else being equal, your margin will be greater if you offer M-DCT as an extra cost optional feature.

But I guess all else is not always equal. One exception that I can think of is where by economies of scale it costs more to install the lower demand manual tranny, and so they want to make the M-DCT the standard tranny to discourage people from ordering the manual.