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Originally Posted by M3chaser View Post
Nice striptease there.

Looks like our renderer would need to go back to the drawing board again to make the air curtain much wider than thought earlier.

My money will still go to a different headlight and grille design for F80.Look at how much camo and tape there is around the assembly, obviously trying very hard to make that F30 "parts" holding together during those furious runs around the Ring
i wont go wider just yet, we've only seen a hint of the air curtain. as for the grill and the headlights i dont think that will change. atleast we know that the rear bumper smile (swoop) that is on the f30 3 series wont be carried on to the M3. i really hate that swoop look that all these new cars come with these days. as in the C klass Mercedes, Hyundai sonata and elantra and so on.
For Example:

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