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Originally Posted by VCMpower View Post
A motor not r&d, built from scratch or completely unique to M3(4) by M division! Fail
So every M3 except the E9X m3 is a complete fail?

If you didn't know the E9X m3 was the only M3 to have a "unique M division R&D" engine. Which really was really a variant of the only "true M" engine the S85(v10 in last M5. All other M3's had a modified/upgraded/variant of a standard BMW engine:

E46 M3: S54 engine based on M54 engine in 330's
E36 M3: S50 engine based on M50 engine found in 325's
E30 M3: S14 engine based on M10 and M88 engines found in lots of older Bmw's

Regardless, it's worked very well in the past, it will work again.
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