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Originally Posted by Carl Lassiter View Post
Nicely written post, I have a few points of my own to add. The US spec E36 M3 got a bad rap as it was a poor relation to the Euro version, down 80 naturally horsepower no less. That will not be the case with this engine, like the E46 and E9x the power will be the same both sides of the Atlantic. Also, the 1M engine, if I remember correctly, is exactly the same as the 135iS engine (I could be wrong here, if so someone pls correct). The f8x engine will have a raft of hardware changes and make far bigger power.

On a different note, I for one think it's great that this car will be lighter than the E9x. Sure, it'll still be a heavy car relative to a GT3 or Miata but the 4-5seats, proper trunk and all mod-cons give it massive real world practicality advantages. The M3 has been heavily biased towards being jack-of-all-trades vehicle since 1992. What sets it apart is that it is able to hit higher heights of track and fun than its direct rivals. I don't this one will disappoint. For a bigger, stiffer car to weigh less than it's predecessor is a huge step in the right direction, whether it's 200 lbs or 2lbs.
I agree with all your points. Especially the "jack of all trades" part. To me this was the most frustrating part of M3 evolution. I personally feel that the M3 should have remained biased towards its motorsport roots. I feel it was a mistake for BMW to depart from the original formula. BMW was only successful in doing this due to the fact that they still managed to do it better than Audi or Merc.

However, if the rumors are true, we may see a mass produced M3/4 CSL/RS/GTS this time around. Much like the 911, the M3/4 may come in many different flavors.

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