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Originally Posted by BH_Fanaticos77 View Post
why would you think that? if you think about it, inline 6 is a long engine and can't really benefit from V-config packaging. It was shown that V8 in E92 is lighter than I6 in E46. I am not saying it will not be improvement in weight to E46 but it will not be necessarily lighter. Add turbos to that config and all that comes with it you can't be really serious about 100lb weight saving.
It could be done through the use of lighter yet stronger materials just like we can do a steel roof or CFRP roof. Same concept. That's actually how the weight of the S65 was reduced over the S54.

Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
Well if this car is going to be lighter than the current M3, that somewhat worries me. Not because I like a heavy car but because where are they taking that weight out. Obviously I'm purely speculating here but normally inline 6 engines are not the lightest around because of the long crank that is used. That alone is gonna make it harder to be "lighter" than the current V8. So for arguments sake, let's say the motors weigh in at the same amount. What would then make me nervous is that they are taking weight out from other spots which give the car that "solid", secure feel. I'm not talking about how the car could feel when driving (which I'm sure will be great), I'm talking about just the overall solidness when say you close a door, hood, trunk, go over a speed bump, the little things like that. And if the car is going to be lighter, and the motors do weigh the same, then that means the front end of this car is gonna carry more weight possibly making the car feel nose heavy and not that sweet 50/50 distribution that we all love. Now if the motor IS lighter somehow then I just wasted all my time texting this and that's why the M engineers are some of the best in the world hahaha
Being that "50-50" weight distribution (or as close to it as possible) has been one of the constants with BMW over time, i doubt they'll go Audi or Porsche on us and change that up. As far as the solid feel, I think that has more to do with the seals used and the tightness of the seams than just heavy materials being used to make up for that. Craftsmanship is where that makes a difference.

Originally Posted by AbuArije5 View Post
It looks very similar to me but not the same but I can bet my life they share a lot of parts together. This is the first time I seen an m3 motor so similar to the 3 series but that's me
This comment made me laugh. Have you not seen M54->S54... minus the individual throttle bodies they are very similar. Same goes for the E36 with the S50 and M50 which are almost the same as well... The only car to break that mold has been the E9x with its unique engine.

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