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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf
I love all this anti-M blah, blah, blah.

I wish I had been around these boards when the E9X M3 came out. I can just imagine the comments.

"Oh no, a V8?!? Blasphemy!!"

"No I6, I'm not going to buy it"

"What happened to the I6 smoothness? This V8 is going to be rough as hell!".

+1^. No performance figures yet and they're already bashing it - my favorite is "it's not a V8 - wah" - don't get me wrong - love myS65 - but the cylinder count in and of itself doesn't mean jack - if thats the case then Porsche 911's and Nissan Gtr's are not legitimate sports cars since they only have sixes...

To all you whiners out there - wait until the performance figures come out - if those figures are disappointing (which I very highly doubt) then you can bitch all you want..."