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Originally Posted by Jblack4083 View Post
We agree on the topic of skimping on R&D. I'm holding my judgement until it releases but if there isn't much new technology in there, or if the engine isn't different enough (higher displacement), I'll be disappointed.

But first, how can you say the price is near the GT-R which starts around 100k where this car will start around 60k? That's a nearly 40% difference and I can say I might be in the market for this vehicle and DEFINITELY not a GT-R due to the price alone.

About the American muscle, I feel like a lot of people buy these high performance german cars and not their american counterparts because I feel like a lot of people are looking for the total package. Some American cars match these cars in performance but dont provide the total aural experience and luxury. How many times have we heard people complain about the cheap-o interior on american cars?

Remember an M3 is not a go-fast machine, it's a highly emotional and high precision tool (or at least we expect it to be lol). My E46 M3 is dated as many "regular" cars have 333 horsepower now. To top it off it's a vert so its not the fastest car out there. But I don't get the same feeling driving my friend's Camaro that I get from driving mine. Its just different man.

I'm not sure if I'll buy this new one though unless it gives me that same feeling.
$96k gets you a GT-R that comes ready to go for maximum performance offered from the mfg. If you want the top of the line track performance for the M3, you're going to have to dole out about $75-80k for this guy. I imagine BMW will come out with a CCB package, sports package, magnetic suspension, DCT upgrade, extra bracing and add-ons and you name it.

Obviously it won't be a GT-R competitor. Not even close. But the GT-R is HIGHLY competent as both a tourer and a track monster 2+2 saloon car. What's $15k when you're dropping $80k already? My point being, BMW needs to offer people more performance for their dollar these days. Performance is getting cheap from all angles in the car industry.