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Originally Posted by US///M3
Originally Posted by ri335i View Post
Air-to-liquid (let's not assume it's water) are superior to air-to-air for a few reasons. Namely, much less plumbing between the turbo and TB (significantly less lag) and much higher thermal efficiency.

They're more complicated and heavier than air-to-air, which is why they aren't that ubiquitous.

IMHO - this is a huge win.

My big fear was that this car would be a street queen given the turbo engine/resulting heat issues. A2L goes a long way to making this a trackable car.
How's running hot coolant to cool the intake air temp more effective than a fmic that's exposed to much cooler temps (relative wind) than hot coolant?
A2L radiator is exposed to the same level of ambient cooling as a FMIC but has the benefit of a much denser substrate to extract heat from.

Run it hard enough and you may reduce that effect, but by that point, the ship has long sailed on the usefulness of an FMIC.