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Originally Posted by techwhiz View Post
Not to hijack but please tell me what other cars??
I said it was basically the same engine that was in the M5/6 or the period, but what else?

There might have been derivations of the engine used in other cars but the intake was unique to M cars with individual throttle bodies. The valve train was unique and used shim and bucket. They didn't share cam's with anything else.
Even the thermostat setup was different.

The S14 didn't show up in any other car.

The latter six cylinder M3 cars shared engines components with all other 6 cyl cars from the period.
You are correct that the S14 was not used in another car, but what I was saying is that the block was the same as the M10 and the heads were the same as the M88 with two cylinders removed. So 90% of the motor was based on production stock used in millions of other BMW's, much like the S50, S52 and S54 motors, which also had unique cams and individual throttle bodies.

Don't forget that the M10 block was used in the turbocharged F1 motors that made 1,400+ hp. So while it was also used in more pedestrian cars, it was also used in much more advanced configurations than the S14.

The S14 did not really have any parts commonality with the M88/3 motor (note, not an S motor) from the M5/M6 and M1 aside from the cut down M88 head.