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My 2 cents. I do love my V8 but times are changing and I am actually quite happy that BMW choose to stick with the I6 configuration (stay with it's root/character so to speak) when many other companies are going with V6 for whatever reason. (Is BMW the only one left with the I6 configuration?) In a way, BMW is still retaining some ideal and this is a good thing. I6 would retain the smoothness and probably yield a high redline. I would have been utterly disappointed if they went with a V6. Things can always be worse so we should just enjoy this and wait to see the actual numbers before we bash BMW. Cheers!

Now we have Porsche with their turbo boxster 6, Nissan with their turbo V6, and BMW with their turbo I6. Would be interesting to see how these 6 cylinders engines distinguish themselves from each other.

That being said, I would love to see someone put/shoehorn the turbo V8 from the new M5 in that engine bay (just like every generation of M3/M5)