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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
You need to read up in A2W inter cooling. Doesn't matter where the inter cooler is, as that's just the exchange to cool the intake charge via the cooling medium. The cooling of the actual liquid takes place in a front mounted radiator. He circuit is separate from the engine coolant circuit.

Benefit is the intercooler can be placed anywhere and does not need direct exposure to airflow. The intake piping does not need to run through the lower front. Benefits there are obvious. Drawbacks: need separate radiator to chill cooling liquid, ppm and lines.

BTW GM's LS9 has an A2W intercooler mounted on the top of the engine just below the blower.
My point was the water circulating in the intecooler in the manifold can easily get heat soaked and at low speed you end up with hot coolant circulating between the manifold and its own A2W frnt mounted radiator. I dont think the M5's air to water front radiator has fans to cool it down for low speed high rpm applications. I'd be surprised it ll b any different on the F80.