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Originally Posted by Alumac View Post
I am really torn here. Before the e90/92/93 my opinion was that the M3 should be a more refined variant of the top of the line 3 series engine. And while the F series represents a return to that form, the S65 is just so ridiculously awesome, that I just can't go back to a super tuned generic 3 series engine. However, I am very excited to see what the M2 will bring. It seems to me that M3 and higher have been relegated to really great touring cars. I hope the M2 shows up as the raw motorsports car that the M3 used to be.

PS. Fuck CAFE.
The BMW Formula 1 engine circa 1983 was based on a stock engine, it revved to around 11,000 rpm was turbo charged and produced over 1400hp. Still a world record for a 1500cc engine and possibly bhp /cc nearly 20 years later.

If that is not good enough for you WTF is?

An engine consists of a block, with pistons and rods, and a head. All the magic happens in the head and induction system. Yes the M3 might share the bottom end of a more mundane 3 series (sic.), but it does have a unique to M3 head and induction system. That's all that matters.