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Originally Posted by Alumac View Post
Sorry, but I'm just not as impressed by what amounts to a tune of a turbo engine as I am a NA engine from M's past, and the purpose built engine of the e9x series. I am sure the F series engine will be great, but I feel like I've essentially already seen it in the form of N54/55. Great, just not that special for an M car.

As for the F1 engine, yes it's impressive, but that's not the kind of engineering going into the F series engines thus far.
You are making a few assumptions........historically BMW pride themselves on the level of engineering that goes into the M cars.....why should the latest gen be any different? You could argue that as they are starting off with an existing engine, they will have more in the budget to add the 'impressive engineering'....No?

One thing for using a common engine, and a straight 6 at that, the price will atleast allow more people to enjoy M3's.

Personally, I applaud BMW for supporting the Inline 6, every other company has dropped I6's due to difficulty in crash tests. You prefer BMW follow the other sheep and V everything?

The only shame is that BMW went V in the first place.....good job that guy was fired