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Good points. Also, "Motorsport" in prior years past actually meant an engine or close derivative that was actually used in racing in conjunction with the production of the new automobile. With this last gen, not only did you get an engine used in racing, but one very closely related to technologies from the F1 racing and McLaren F1. Not so with the new gen.

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Forget the "based on" and "different parts". What I care about is the result, and however many parts might have been change or "heavily modified", the new TT I6 will NOT achieve the result M had set before. Every M3 had more power, more torque and higher redline. By today's standards this new M3 engine should have gotten a 9K RPM redline, but with FI it won't even rev above 7.5K RPM. If you want a FI I6 just get a 335i or better the coming M340i, but let the M3 stay "Motorpsort".