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Originally Posted by Hoosiers View Post
Think about the current S65 in the next M3 with it's revised DCT, lighter weight, etc. If that sounds better to you than the turbo 6, then BMW has made a mistake with this new engine.

I'm tired of hearing the same "well people were complaining when M3 went to V8" etc etc...No, because at least they kept the same formula. High reving, high specific output NA engines. I don't care if they went to a damn NA V12 that was lighter, reved highed, and put down more power, we wouldn't complain about THAT evolutionary step.
No doubt I'd love to keep the V8 with a 10% power and economy hike. Alas, they've moved on from it. Hopefully rev-matching will remain unlike the M5.

By the way, what changes are there to the DCT? There first effort was so great I can only imagine how good the .2 will be.