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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
How do you figure that the 1M wasn't a sales success? It sold out in every market it was offered, and asking prices for the few used models out there top out at the original sticker price.
Total demand for the car was low, world-wide. First, BMW said no more than 2,700, but then they relented and said they would make as many as were ordered, constrained by the tight line capacity at the Leipzig plant. The total world-wide run turned out to be something like 6,300 in 16 months.

The first 16 months of the E9X series M3s was on the order of 16,000. BMW planned to do 100,000 over the life of the E9X, though I don't know if they made it.

It's just an entirely different realm of demand. And I STILL wish I could have one of each.

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