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Originally Posted by per View Post
According to a wellinformed source, there will be a 480 hp twinturbo motor with a DCT tranny, the differential will be the same as the F10 M5.
it will be 120kg lighter then the e92.
If it is thrue i will order one as soon as it possible to do so
While I could well believe 480 ps (473bhp), I doubt they'll shave off 120kg as that's 265 pounds. I think it'll be more like 100 lbs or so given what we've heard about the lack of structural CF, but that's still a step in the right direction.

As goes horsepower, I do think it'll be more than 450 but they will need to make sure that, on paper at least, it's not as fast as an M5/6 in a straight line. That's why I expect more than 450bhp but less than 480. Of course on anything but an oval track it will demolish them, as always.

Regardless, I hope your source is correct as that would exceed expectations in a big way as regards numbers, and I'm sure the driving experience will stay true to M3 values.