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Originally Posted by aus View Post
You know the next C-class AMG will use the 5.5L twin turbo detuned.
Then they'll add a performance package for $7,000 to crank the boost to the E-class AMG levels and it'll be a rocket.
We'll have a pretty highly stress I6 to counter???

A direct injectioned S65 could have gotten that and more.
Add a flat plane crank for a few more revs to produced more power and give a sexy Ferrari exhaust note... perfection.

As goes the 5.5 vs 3.0, I hear you but what an engine is capable is down to a lot more than just displacement..... If it's already bored out to transparency, for instance. Supras and R34s are great examples of quality over quantity.

You're preaching to the choir as regards wanting to keep the S65. But it's not happening, so I'm getting into the mindset that 400+ lbs of twist and low end shove will make up for the noise deficiency and 600 or so lower revs. I think (and hope)the f8x will surprise a lot of the e9x crowd who are convinced it'll disappoint...