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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
it's supposed to be smaller than a 6 series..

Why would you expect the 4 series to be bigger than a 6 series ?!

you dont makes sense.

It will be smaller than the 6 series.

JASON: where will we get to see the Renders!? Please make it quick... i really thought this would be the look of it ... Very nice!

I am not expecting it to be bigger than the 6 series. I want it a lot smaller than the current 6 series. That render makes it seem as if it's only slightly smaller, which is not what I want. The E92 M3 and the last gen M6 were significantly different in terms of size and the amount of space they take up on the road. If this upcoming M4 is only a tad bit smaller, then I won't be buying one.

Originally Posted by SlammedM6 View Post
He said it looks like a smaller version of the 6 series and he doesn't like the fact that it will look like a smaller version of the 6 series. I'm assuming he wants it to have its own look
I like the way the 6 series looks, but it's just so big and bulky! I saw a few new ones around the highway and they just look so massive. I want the new 4 series/M4 to be smaller, it'll inevitably keep the weight low and what not.
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