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To be honest that car looks F****** sick!! I love how sleek the hood vent looks and really actually like the front fenders. ALOT! There not there for looks for sure as BMW engineering goes way in depth about heat extraction, ventilation, and aerodynamics. The front fenders could be there to also vent heat from the (all ready known to be hot since its confirmed the base of it is going to be a N55 motor from what I have read.) But BMW calling this a 4 series is just so UN-BMW like in ALL ways. They have been known for the most famous 3 series (most sold bmw's usually every year...Correct me if im wrong) which is there bread and butter... Now throwing a 4 on the back, maybe taking away the butter, if ya know what I mean lol. I dont know why we as consumers have to pay a ADDITIONAL PREMIUM just to have a 2 door 3 series....But by the way that car looks.... man it would be tough to say "yes I WILL pay a premium for this work of art" and probably a beast of a machine... I'm counting days now till my M5 comes in for my all around car and was planning on making my E92 a full on track car ect... but after looking at this, I'm having second thoughts
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