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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
Wait, so a 4 series gran coupe will cost $9,000 more than a 3 series sedan?
so it will cost about the same as a 5 series.

good luck with that BMW.
Originally Posted by ATS View Post

I also don't buy into the it's called the 4 series now so we charge a ridiculous amount more nonsense. The 3 series coupe has existed for ever and it has always carried an appropriate premium over the sedan. The 4 series still is just a coupe version of the 3 series after all.

I'm really not too fond of many of the decisions recently made by BMW.

Beautiful render BTW
BMW is going to try to earn money in Audi's way.
Practically all Audis (in Germany) are either company leasing vehicles or/and sold to companies. BMW is just a little better of. Only Mercedes has some 45% "hardware" customers.
Part of leasing are big price discounts; BMW is calculating that a higher (inflated) official price will bring more money after a hefty discount (as "we gave you 25%").
Audi is very good in this discount fair show.

The majority of such premium versions are planned as company leasing, so they are adjusting their starting position to make more money possible.

Few years back I wanted a certain model; money on the table=no discount. Bought through a leasing company (gave them a commission for a provisory leasing contract) and I got 2 fleet discounts!!!

nice render!!