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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
...they have a great starting point, atleast in terms of the 4doors. My f30registration shows a vehicle weight of 3555, so there is a good starting point for balance, and if M can shave off some weight to make up for the larger parts to handle the extra power, the new car will have great handling and stability. My first long trip of 300miles included me plus 3 adults 6ft tall, we fit perfectly and in comfort, and the cruise proved how tight the F30s steering and handling was as I was in the 80-100 range all trip and the car just ate up the road with no body leaning and instant power. The f30 is a great basis for the next M, and Im of the opinion that a new war is going to start brewing in bmw land, similar to the cayman vs 911 p-car wars. The f30 is so good that the f80 will be a monster in all measurable ways, and in reality it will be the much more competent sports saloon, even compared to the F10 M5. It will only be the fact that BMW and M have to holdback the M3 power in the future or it would certainly compete, if not beat the M5 around the 'ring. I cant wait to see what they offer in terms of performance and how fast it is around the 'ring
Good post, with good first hand reports and some good points. Like you, I'm a convert from the 5/6 to the 3/4. Luxury and performance are musts, but too much weight and the latter is lost, from a feel point of view at least.

Only one issue with your post and that is that the F80/2 will almost definitely beat the f10 M5's time around the 'Ring. Off the top of my head, the M3 has always been faster than the M5 of the same generation. Now, as regards neutering the power so the M5s remain faster on the freeway- yes, that they will have to make sure of. But I still know where my money's going inside two years....